About Us

Internal Medicine…Our Interest, Our Passion, Our Expertise

Primary Care

As internists, we have three years of additional training after obtaining our medical degree and we assume the role of Primary Care Provider for a wide spectrum of health care needs for adults. This may include minor respiratory illness or complicated asthma, stroke or diabetes.

We can attend to this variety of medical problems in an office setting without the frequent need for specialist consultation. Our practice goal is to promote a healthy, preventative lifestyle thus, we recommend a comprehensive physical examination appropriate for the age group. We perform lab work, EKG, treadmill, Pulmonary Function and Dexascan testing in our office. We also provide current information on medications and recommend immunizations for flu, pneumonia, hepatitis and advice for foreign travels.

As the medical field becomes more complex with specialists, MRIs, CTIs and internet information, it is reassuring to patients that they have someone to turn to for advice and guidance. Instead of delegating hospital care to a hospitalist, we look after our patients who are admitted to Gwinnett Medical Center (Duluth and Lawrenceville campus) and Emory-Eastside Medical Center in Snellville, GA to provide continuation
of healthcare. Most of our patients find these primary care services very convenient, informative and helpful for their health care needs.


The fastest growing population is geriatric patients above the age of 65 years; fueled by the baby boomers. Most live independently and would like to stay active and participate in communities and family affairs. This requires special attention to their multiple medical problems as well as many medications they are on which can be a challenging task for healthcare providers.

We provide counseling for terminal illness and dementia to make the quality of life as our main goal for the elderly. As an extended service, we also go to several nursing and assisted living facilities in Gwinnett County.

Women’s Wellness

In the 21st century, women play many roles and pose unique health care challenges for their well being. We provide annual Pap Smear, Bone Density Scan for osteoporosis and referral for Mammogram testing. We counsel for contraception, hormone replacement therapy, nutritional needs and physical activities. Our female physicians and staff identify with the special needs in women’s life cycle and are better prepared to provide compassionate and comprehensive care for all age groups.